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A Professional Partnership


As a client of Kirstein, you will experience a professional partnership. We are independent and always act in the interest of the individual client.


Code of Conduct

To protect our clients’ interests, we have taken the relevant precautions to reduce the risk of conflicts of interest as much as possible. Therefore, we have prepared a policy for handling conflicts of interest, and the Board of Directors has formulated a Code of Conduct that describes the principles behind our business. Its main purpose is to identify potential conflicts of interest, address them, and create transparency about how we handle them. The Code of Conduct is available to Kirstein’s clients upon request. For more information, please contact CEO Anne Mette Lytzen.


Privacy Notice

Kirstein A/S prioritises data protection, and we would like full transparency regarding how we process your personal data. Therefore, we have created a Privacy Notice to explain how Kirstein A/S process and protects your personal data. Please read the Privacy Notice here.


Kirstein’s Lawyer:
Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
Amerika Plads 37
2100 København Ø
CVR 38 47 79 35


Kirstein’s Accountant:
Beierholm Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab
Knud Højgaards Vej 9 
2860 Søborg
CVR 32 89 54 68


For more information


Anne Mette Lytzen
+45 33 18 99 56


For more information


Julie Sofie Thaning
Communication Consultant
+45 33 18 99 60


Copenhagen Office
Kristen Bernikowsgade 6, 2.
DK-1105 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 3391 9050

Boston Office
225 Franklin Street
Suite 2600
Phone: +1 617 217 2840

About Kirstein A/S

Kirstein A/S advises asset managers on how to strengthen their business and has consulted some of the largest Danish and international managers through more than a decade. We function as a strategic and operational partner, and our collaboration is customised to the needs of the individual manager. Our consultants are all investment professionals, and working with us means gaining access to direct and personal advice.

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